Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Be my Valentine flags

I found an awesome tutorial on Pinterest on How to Cut Burlap.  I clicked on it even though I didn't realize I was doing it wrong.  It's very simple & makes so much sense.  All you do is figure out the size you want to cut & pull one of the threads out.  Be sure to pull gently, it can break easily.  As you are pulling, you get this cool ruffle like the picture... Oh the possibilities for future projects!

Here's what it looks like once the selected strings are pull out.  It's like a templete.  Then you just cut along the lines.

I measured out flags & about 4 inches wide & 6 inches long.  The iron was very handy because the burlap was very wrinkled.  I folded down approx 1 inch on each flag & ironed it to form a crease.

I cut out 10 different pieces

Then I folded them in half & cut out a triangle shape to create the point on the bottom of the flag

Then, I sewed the flap in place.

Then I painted hearts on flags.

And put them on the newspaper to dry.

I used a safety pin to thread jute string through the flags.

Then I hung them from the mantel using gorilla tape.  (That stuff will hold anything!) 

I love decorating for the Holidays.  (I get it from my Mom.  When I was growing up, she always had the house festive & made a big deal about every holiday.)  Even if Valentines is "a made up Hallmark Holiday," so Hubs says, I Love it!  Fortunately, even though he hates it, he amuses me by always buying me flowers.