Monday, January 16, 2012

Book Wreath

I love to read.  This fall I saw one of my book blog friends at the local craft fair selling a very similar book wreath, I almost bought it.  But I was unsure where I'd hang it & it looked a little fragile.  When I found a couple tutorials marked on Lindsay's Pinterest page, I was intrigued.  It looked easy enough, and it would fit perfect in my sitting room near my very full bookshelf!  I really didn't have any books that I wanted to part with, so I found one at Goodwill (on half price day for only 50 cents)  It was very worn, approx 400 page harlequin novel, but the pages were perfect! 

I started out tearing out all the pages.  The rolled them all up in different ways & hot glued the ends to hold.  This is what it looked like when I was finished with all of the pages!  and it was almost not enough!  I found it easier to roll all the pages 1st.  I got into a routine & I was able to make all of them while watching Private Practice on dvr. 

I made the mistake of not buying a wreath when I was at Hobby Lobby, thinking I could find one cheaper at Walmart!  I was WRONG.  When I bought the book, I didn't think I would actually make the wreath that night, but I got started & didn't stop!  So, at 8pm on a Saturday night I went looking for a wreath and there were none to be found in my little town!  I did find an 8in wreath at Dollar Tree, but I figured it would be too small.  Not wanted to be beat out of finishing my project, I decided I would make one.  I bought a sheet of foam core poster board & cut out 5 - 10 in circles (I used a dinner plate as my guide & then a sandwich plate as a guide to cut out the center) Then, glued them together & wrapped it in brown packing paper.  It actually worked! 

Following the guide, I started at the edge gluing my pages onto the wreath, working my way around & around.  I'm a slacker & didn't take any "during" pictures myself, but this video worked great for me!

Here is the finished product!  I love how it turned out.  I had hubby hang it for me today with the wall sconces & it looks great in my sitting room!  The whole project (minus the wreath hunt) only took a couple hours.  Great couch project!


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