Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

For my first post, I thought I would share a few of my old projects as a way of introducing myself and my style. The first picture is a very simple project but is a great keepsake and also wonderful for filling shelf space in a nursery. When my daughter, Madilyn, was born I wanted to remember every inch of her and who can resist baby feet? I painted a small canvas pink and then used ink to add my baby girl's footprints. I then used some ribbon from her baby shower to line the top and bottom of the frame. This is a great project for a new mommy as it probably took about five minutes. Also if you are not happy with the first attempt you can wipe the canvas off and try again as long as you do it quickly (I know this from experience). I will suggest having someone else help you by holding the baby that way you can center the canvas as needed. My baby girl is now one and a half and I love comparing her feet to this just to see how much she has grown. I also suggest dating the canvas so you know exactly when it was done. I chose to date mine on the side but it would also be cute to add the date and maybe even the name to the front.

Next, is my Christmas project from this year. I know it is a little late but I really loved this project. I spend a few weeks looking for stocking holders and came to the conclusion that I was not happy paying $15 for a generic stocking holder. I build my own using a 4x4 for the top and 2x4 for the base. I cut one piece of each to roughly the same size to make each holder and then nailed the base to the top. I painted each solid white and then used a top coat of red. I then used the eraser from a pencil dipped in white paint to dot each base. This is much easier than trying to paint that many circles. After I dotted each base I did go back with a small paint brush just to touch up any dots that did not fill completely. I then took fine grain sandpaper and sanded each holder concentrating mainly on the edges. I then painted pre-cut wooden letters green and hot glued them to the 4x4. Lastly, I bought silver hooks to attach to the front. I used the reusable hooks with the sticky back but you could also use the screw in ones. The end result is a fully personalized stocking holder for a fraction of the cost.

I love owls. They have a special meaning to my family. My husband has an owl tattoo in remembrance of his grandfather who he dearly loved. I dearly love my husband and therefore owls now have a special place in my heart as well. I actually started owl projects before they became so trendy and could not find many owl items. The picture below is of a 70s home interior owl that I painted solid white. I wish I had a before picture so you could see what a transformation this is. I actually was given the owl by a family member and wanted to update it a little to go with my decor. I decided to paint it a solid color to make it more contemporary. The solid color also brings out all the details of the owl. I spent about a dollar total on this and I cannot tell you what a statement it makes. I think this is probably one of my favorite projects even though it was also the easiest.

As I stated above, I LOVE owls! Guess what? My daughter's room is owl themed. I painted the picture below for her room. I started with a large canvas and painted it green with a dry brush to give the textured background and then drew the rest with a pencil and then proceeded to fill with color. I then just erased any remaining visible pencil marks and Viola here you have it. Can't draw? Use a projector to copy an image and then add your own unique touch. I decided to use buttons for the owl eyes and middle of the flowers partly because I liked the look and partly because it is really hard to draw a perfect circle (at least for me). I outlined the name and leaves with a painter's pen to smooth the lines. The rest I left as is. My personal feeling is a painting should not be perfect that is what makes it unique.

I hope you enjoyed a few of my older projects. Unfortunately, I only have pictures of the completed products. I hope to have more on here soon and am really excited about some projects I have on my current to do list. I cannot wait to share them with everyone and hopefully inspire someone else!

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