Friday, January 13, 2012

My Last Name in Frames

I used to be a picture fanatic in high school & college... and I have a huge assortment of picture frames.  I didn't need to spend money on art work, when I could decorate with memories.  Plus I missed all my friends when I went to college, so I wanted to be surrounded by them.  Well now, I don't like all the clutter & I have a tote of assorted picture frames. 

When browsing Pinterest, I'm always looking for project ideas that can be made with stuff I already have.  I made this a couple months ago. 

It was one of my 1st Pinterest inspired projects. I have a ton of scrapbook paper, the assortment of frames, & spray paint.  (My original intentions where to paint all the frames black, but once I had it all set up, I liked the way it looked)

I used my last name, but you could spell out anything.  I'm just a little obsessed with monogrammed things!

Step 1: pick out scrapbook paper for the backgrounds & cut to fit the frame
Step 2: Use a Cricut or scissors to cut out each letter.  I used scissors & just free hand cut them out of black paper
Step 3: Glue the letter in the middle
Optional Step: stray paint the frames

This project seriously took me no time at all.  It was super easy!  You could change it up & do it for holidays (Harvest, Winter....) The hardest part was figuring it out my frame arrangement.  I kept it on my mantel for a couple months.  I'm in the process of finding it a new home because I have a big project I'm working on for my mantle.  I'm just not ready to put it away yet!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  I've got a few projects in mind, can't wait to share!!!


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