Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Picker Dreams

Every since the TV show "American Pickers" and "Picker Sisters" came out, as well as the popularity of Pinterest, I have become obsessed with crafting...especially taking "junk" and making it into cool new stuff. Miranda and I have started this blog as a sort of portfolio for our crafts and such. We hope to show off our crafts, recipes, pictures, etc...and maybe even teach you something along the way. I am super excited about being able to chronicle all of my projects.

In addition, I am challenging myself to do Project 365 this year. For those that don't know what Project 365 is, it entails taking a picture a day EVERY DAY for the year. You are suppossed to take random pictures that chronicle your life. At the end of the year, I plan to make a photobook on Shutterfly. Hopefully, this blog will help keep me accountable for my project. I hope to post pictures at leat weekly!

Anyways, I'm dying to tell you guys about my first craft project. When I first began browsing Pinterest, I noticed people were doing all sorts of things with shutters. I was IN LOVE! (: I love old stuff. My grandparents owned and ran an antique store for many years, so my love of old objects comes naturally. A friend of mine has just bought a house, and while visiting his new place for the first time, I came across a bunch of "junk" in his shed that was left by a previous owner. One item in particular caught my eye...a beautiful, paint chippy, white shutter. I immediately asked him what he was going to do with it. He told me if I wanted it, I could have it...so guess what??? I ended up with the beautiful, paint chippy, white shutter. I had several different ideas on what to do with it, but I ended up with this...

I loved the ideas I had seen to put a shutter in the corner of a room. I decided that that corner of the room was super dark and needed some sort of light. So I added Christmas lights to the back of the shutter that will shine through the slats. It gives a beautiful ambient glow at night when the lights are off in the livingroom. To complete the look, I added a burlap wreath with a metal sign with an "L" on it. I scored the wreath at a craft fair that Miranda and I went too. I probably could have made it, but at the time, I didn't know where to buy burlap.

- Lindsay (:


  1. I love the shutter with the lights. Looks great. Can't wait to see what else you do.


  2. Awww...thanks! This was my first project with "junk". I was so excited, and though I had seen tons of ideas using shutters, I had never seen a light sculpture made out of one. It gives the perfect glow at night in my livingroon, and I've got it set on a timer, so I don't have to plug and unplug everyday (or else it would never get turned on). (: