Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Upcycling previous projects

At my previous church, I was on rotation to provide Sanctuary flowers.  Most people went to the flower shop & bought a bouquet for their Sunday.  Well I was way to thrifty for that, plus that actually was a little boring.  My favorite arrangement that I created included, a bunch of branches from the yard, hot glue & artificial orchids (I went to buy cherry blossoms).  I've used the bouquet for different decoration in the past couple years, but the past couple months it has just been sitting in my basement collecting dust.  It was beginning to look pretty rough, since my kitties decided the flowers were tasty!  All it needed was to be revamped!

Pinned Image

I saw the above branch & empty frame on pinterest that gave me the idea to update my orchids.  I picked up an empty frame this weekend for half off at Hobby Lobby (that was before I went to Goodwill & found one the same size of only $2!!!!! I bought it anyways, I'm sure there will be more projects needing a frame!) 

It was really easy to update. I changed the placement on a couple of the flowers & only used the good branches. Then I used hot glue to hold the branches in place in the frame. 

My intentions are to hang the frame in my sitting room, but the paneling needs to be painted first. Until then I think it looks awesome on my mantel in from on my unfinished pallet!


Oh - I almost forgot to do this yesterday but we are linking to A Turtle's Life today :)  Check it out!


  1. That's gorgeous! I have so many large empty frames, maybe I'll have to try something like this! Your blog is gorgeous! I just love the colors! Thanks so much for sharing at my party!

    1. Thanks!!! I used the low heat glue gun & when I went to move it today all of the branches fell off!!! but I used the pic to reattach them all. Trial & error. I used more glue & now they should stay put!