Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Journey to an Organized Craft Room Begins...

While I was in my craft room last night working on a project, I decided that although my craft room looks semi-organized, it really isn't organized by type of item or purpose of item. I DO have a place for everything, but it isn't necessarily organized in a manner that makes things easy to find. And might I note, that I think I've rearranged this room and reorganized hundreds of times, but I get frustrated and just throw it all back in the closet. I've decided to slow down this time (no need to hurry perfection, right?) and actually get it like I want it. Also, my boyfriend, Justin, will be graduating from Southern Illinois Univeristy in May (I am soooooo excited BTW), and he will need a place to put his printer, office supplies, etc. So, yes, I am going to have to share my craft room (*sigh*), but it's totally worth it to have him FINALLY home!
So anyways, I decided, I REALLY need to organize my craft supplies...not just make it look organized. I am going to detail my craft room transformation here so that you guys can follow along in my organization process.


I wanted to make sure I had pictures of what it looked like before the transformation. Hopefully, you will be able to see a noticeable change.
This is a picture of the closet in my craft room (I'm super embarassed to even show you this!).
I hope you'll join me as I transform my crafty space into super organized!

UPDATE!!!! - June 15, 2012


Well...Finally got the craft room organized the way that I want it.  Check out additional pictures at my full post here.

- Lindsay (:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Speaking My Mind...

So last night, I was busily crafting away. For some reason, I was feeling super stressed and moody yesterday, but the minute I began crafting, it was as if the anxiety melted away. I realized then that everybody has their vice...some turn to alcohol, others to drugs. But my drug of choice is crafting. I let my creative juices flow and forget everything else.

-Lindsay (:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Book Page Lamp

The lighting in my sitting room was terrible.  I found a couple solutions online that I could buy, and I was almost sold on this gem from World Market, I just hadn't made it to Murfreesboro to buy it before I found this on pinterest!  I knew I had to make it, but I decided to switch it up & make my lamp with circles instead of hearts.  

The only problem was that I didn't have a large circle punch.  Lindsay let me borrow hers but it was only 1.5 inch & the circles weren't the size I wanted.  Saturday, hubs surprised me by taking me to Hobby Lobby (then to Red Lobster)!  While we were there I found this 2in circle punch that I decided to go ahead & purchase.  (The project would have been cheaper but I did splurge on the punch!)  

I used a book that I bought on clearance, but never could get into.  I tore out about 100 pages & was able to get 6 circles per page.

Then, I stacked 2 circles & started sewing them together.  I left about 8-10 inches of thread on the end to make it easier to tie them to the lamp ring.  (Be sure to do this.  I had a couple that were short & they were really hard to tie!)  I found the the lamp shade ring at Goodwill a couple weeks ago for 50 cents!  

I sewed the majority of my circles in 3 different lengths, 5,7 & 9.  I didn't really want them too long.  I don't really remember how many I sewed.  I started out with 6 of each & that only went about half way around the ring.  Then I just sewed until it was full!  I did make more of the 7's  than the rest.

Once I went all the way around the main ring, I sewed a cou4ple 13 circle lengths & tied them to the center ring, so they would hang lower than the outside.  

Then, hubs ran to Lowes & bought a hanging lamp kit.  It took a little work to make it fit my antique ring, but he made it all fit.  It would have been easier to attach the fixture BEFORE tying on all the circles.  I think he was afraid to tear them since they are made of paper.  

After we hung it, I went through & fold the circles to give it some texture.   It's a perfect addition to my sitting room.  I love that I used the book pages & hung it next to my book shelf!

Overall cost:  $25.50
[$11 for the circle punch, $.50 for the ring, $14 for the light, book was free]
It's about the same as the World Market lamp, but I think I like this one a little bit more!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DIY Rustic Frames

I made these rustic picture frames completely form scratch. First, I took a large board and had Karen's husband, Ryan, cut them into 8x8 sections for us. (Karen has made some of these too.) Then, I painted a coat of paint on them. For the one below, I painted white, and then painted blue haphazardly all over it. This gives it a rustic the paint has been rubbed off of it.
The one below show the first coat on the black and white ones.
Then, I give each one a cutesy touch...the one below I painted the word "love" in mustard yellow.

Then, I bought acrylic sheets at JoAnn's and used nails to hold them in. I chose nails because they give it a rustic look and serve the purpose of holding the acrylic sheet on the board.

On the one below, I added a burlap bow.

Last, I drilled a hole, and attached a wooden dowel so that it can sit on a tabletop.

Here's the finished product. Everyone who has seen these loves them, and they are super easy to make!

- Lindsay (:

It's Overflowing

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Adding Some Spice to the Bedroom

Alright gals (and guys)...get your minds out of the gutter. My spice is a new bedside table for the bedroom. I scored this awesome pick Saturday at (yes, again) The Old Feed Store in Woodbury, TN. I got it for $20. Side note: This bedside table actually matches my childhood bedroom furniture, so if I end up using it when I have kids, I'll have a bedside table to add to it. Cool huh? It had a yellow look to it, so I thought I would freshen it up with a fresh coat of paint. I used the same paint that I used on my window table. This is how it turned out... It's absolutely P-E-R-F-E-C-T! I love that it has a drawer AND a little much storage for all that random crap that collects on a night stand! (And yes, Miranda, that is your I Am Number Four book on the bottom shelf...I haven't lost it)

Here, you can see the chevron art that I posted about yesterday. Rather than hanging it on the wall (because I couldn't decide what to do with it), I sat it on the table, and it looked great.

Above is a picture of the table where you can also see my comforter. I think that it goes really great with my comforter, and all my other bedroom decor.

I think that I added some spice to my bedroom for Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope your day is full of love! (:

- Lindsay (:

Monday, February 13, 2012

Chevron Wall Art

This project is so simple and easy, and really makes a statement. Begin by using a staple gun to attach burlap to a canvas. I used a 16x16, but you can choose any size you want. This is what it looks like before paint.
I used this awesome painter's tape to tape off the chevron stripes. This tape is the best I have found. It does not bleed and is super easy to pull off.

I then used my trusty vintage white acrylic paint to paint the stripes.

This is what it looked like drying. I was super excited to pull the tape off, that I almost couldn't contain myself.


- Lindsay (:

a Very Purple Bridal Shower

My first cousin, Emily lives in North Carolina & is getting married in March.  She was in town over Christmas.  We decided to have a Bridal Shower for her the Monday after Christmas.  A little unconventional, but we have a HUGE family & I didn't want her to miss out on all the goodies!  Well while planning the shower & all the Christmas', I forgot to charge my camera.  When I started to take pictures at the shower... it died :(  So I've been at the mercy of family... waiting on pictures.  I snagged a few off facebook that I wanted to share!

We'll start with the entry table.  She brought a few framed engagement pictures to help decorate.  I created the "Wedding Date" plaque.  It's a burlap covered board with metal numbers that I found at Hobby Lobby.  Hubs attached the wire hanger & I made the bow.  [Not shown was the address book, we used for a guest registry!  It worked great, she has everyone's address from the shower!]

Since it was the day after Christmas, I kept with the holiday theme.  For table decorations, I filled crystal vases & bowl with purple ornaments, "H" tags & fake snow.  

I can't take full credit for the burlap "H"... I actually purchased this from Et Cetera in McMinnville, TN... I didn't want to wait for a custom order, so I painted the purple dots & changed the bow.  (it was originally teal!)

I can't find a copy, but I made photo cards for invites.  Since they live out of state, most of the family hasn't met the Groom.  I wanted them to at least have a picture... plus I loved their engagement pictures.

I actually ordered a few too many invites, but I didn't want the pictures to go to waste.  I made a collage on a 8x10 canvas & used mod podge to glue them down.  I printed the H on regular copy paper & cut it out (so you couldn't see any of the white).  Then glued it over the pictures.  I used purple acrylic paint to paint the edges & highlight the H.  Then I attached a purple bow.  

I found a couple metal buckets at Hobby Lobby for $3 each.  I wasn't sure what I would do with them at the time, but they made perfect silverware holders!   

I wrapped the forks with purple napkins & tied them with burlap.

I dressed for the occasion too!  I checked with Lindsay to make sure I wasn't going too overboard with all the purple & she gave her approval.  The shower was a success!  

[me, Emily, her Mom, my Mom]

I love hosting parties & it's been a while since anyone close has gotten married or had babies!  It was a ton of fun.  Maybe next time, I remember to charge my camera :)


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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wonderful Wall Art

Today, I want to share two previous projects that I have completed. The first is very simple. It's a picture collage wall. I had the large collage frame already, and purchased the other three frames as a set on the day after Thanksgiving 2011 at Walmart. The red and blue metal birds were purchased at Hobby Lobby (half off as always) for $5 a piece. I think it makes a cute collection. The next project was a work in progress. It started out with canvases covered in fabric hanging in a grouping on the wall. I thought that was too plain and too simple. So...I got this mantle that used to be over my parent's fireplace. They took the fireplace out years ago so the mantle had been sitting in storage for awhile. I had been eyeing it and had intentions upon using it for decor in my craft room. When I brought it home, it was too long for the wall I had planned for it in my craft room. So after some thought, I decided to hang it over the TV in my livingroom to give a place to sit knick-knacks (because I didn't have a place to do that before the mantle). I hung the mantle (all by myself...finding studs and all to put the screws in). Then I began the decorating process...aka the fun part! I knew I wanted to use the fabric-covered canvases on the mantle, so I hung some and just sat some on the mantle in a layered fashion. Next, I began accessorizing. I got the black and white damask vase at a boutique in Woodbury, TN for a steal. Then, I added the white milk glass candleholders and vases, and some of my favorite picture frame. The white picture frame on the left side I actually made. You can find the tutorial for this project here.

- Lindsay (:

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Picture Perfect Frame

This is one of my favorite projects and most exciting steals! If you've ever tried to find an old frame that is intricately carved, you know they are SUPER EXPENSIVE. So when I came across this empty frame at an antique store in Watertown, TN for $5, I was stoked! You don't ever find them that cheap. It was originally painted an ugly shade of yellow, so I painted over that with black spray paint. Once dry, I sanded the intricately carved parts so that the yellow showed through. I loved the effect! Then I purchased the "live", "laugh", "love" words at Hobby Lobby when they were half off. I thought they looked great in the center of this frame. It really makes a statement in my livingroom.
-Lindsay (:

Friday, February 10, 2012

"Owl" Love You 4-Ever

Yes, Karen is the owl fanatic, but she has gotten me looking (and loving) owls alot too. So when I was at the Old Feed Store (yes, I know, I get everything there) in Woodbury, TN, I spotted some old, ugly brown owl figurines. Karen had already done a project where she painted an owl with acrylic paint (see her project here), so I thought I'd try my hand at it also. I wish I had "before" pictures, but I didn't take any. After two coats of my FAVE vintage white acrylic paint, this is the look I got. L-O-V-E! Also, the owl is sitting on another one of my old tray that I painted black, and covered with an cool printed scrapbook paper modge-podged directly on the tray. Can we say L-O-V-E x 2???
- Lindsay (:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

i LOVE Monograms!

After looking through tons of pallet inspirations on Pinterest, I FINALLY decided on what to paint on my large mantel pallet!!!  I used this for inspiration.   I'm a huge fan of monogram stuff, but I was just a little worried that I had too much stuff around the house.  Apparently, it's a little in my head, because I only found 2 F's around the house used for decoration... and neither were in my sitting room.  So I decided on monogram. 

Next, I had to find the perfect F.  Did you know that when you google for images of F you get a lot of pictures of airplanes?  I narrowed it down by searching F Monogram & this was the 3rd option:

It was perfect!  I sketched it first on some printer paper a couple times to make sure I could do it.  Then using my 18in ruler as a guide, I started painting (in Vintage White) & it came out like this:

I added the est. 2005 in the bottom corner for our anniversary.  It goes great with my Valentines decor :)


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Cabinet Door Turned Chalkboard

I got this cabinet door for $3 at the Habitat ReStore in Murfreesboro, TN. didn't look like this when I got it. Unfortunately, I failed to take a picture of the cabinet door "before". Below, you see "Take 1" of my cabinet door chalkboard. I left the outside frame white, and painted it with chalkboard paint in the center. Then, I attached a ribbon to hang it by. I also used a cabinet door handle for the chalk holder.

After gazing at it for several days, I decided that the white paint on the outside just wasn't cutting it. It was too plain and blended into the walls too I had to do something about it.
I painted the outside with mustard yellow. I also added a burlap bow at the top and a burlap flower at the bottom.

- Lindsay (:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Antiqued Window Table

Of all the projects I have ever completed, this is probably the one that I am most excited to super fabulous, gorgeous window table.

A few weeks ago, Miranda, Karen, and I went picking at a local antique store...let me give some props to the Old Feed Store in Woodbury, TN. They hooked us up with a TON of old windows super cheap...we're talking $5 a piece...yep, I said SUPER cheap!

I knew when we purchased the windows that one of my projects was going to be a table of some sort using the window and the tabletop. Before I could begin my build, Karen, her husband, Ryan, and I went to Lowes to check out our options for legs on our tables. We chose some pieces that are actually stair ballisters. I also picked up some L-Brackets to attach the legs to the window. After attaching my legs, I decided that it needed extra was a bit wobbly. So my lovely boyfriend, Justin (who has tagged himself as my carpenter for my crafts) cut some 1 inch pieces of scrap wood we had lying around the barn to use as supports for my table. He also cut off my legs to make them shorter because they were WAY long after I attached them. Thanks're the best! (: After the table was fully assembled, then it was time for paint. I chose a shade called Cotton Linen. It's not exactly white, not exactly off-white...but somewhere in between. This is what it looked like after my first coat of paint.

After 4 coats of paint, and letting it dry completely, I began the distressing process. First, I used a sanding block with medium grit sandpaper to rough up edges and spots that would naturally get worn.

Then, my new favorite product, the glaze. I had my paint guy at Potter's Ace Hardware also in Woodbury, TN, tint this glaze to a chocolate brown. I was going for the dirty look. I also picked up some T-shirt rags while I was there because they were small, thin, and lint-free, perfect for applying the glaze. It was really simple to use. Apply a VERY small amount to your rag. Then, wipe on and immediately wipe off. You can play with how much or how little you put on depending on how "dirty" you want it to look. I didn't want mine to look too dirty, so I used a very small amount.

I came out perfectly antiqued after all my sanding and "dirtying". (:

And now for the big reveal....I think I'm in L-O-V-E!!!

-Lindsay (: