Thursday, February 2, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballgame...

Miranda and I work at a small trucking company called Huff & Puff Trucking (also, check out our Facebook page). I have the privilege of doing all sorts of fun things for work. Yesterday was no exception. My boss, Melodie, is very involved with our local high school and are huge supporters of sports in our community. She does have two sons who play sports there, and one son who teaches and coaches football and softball at the the high school. Last night was the Winter Baseball Banquet, which is a kickoff for the season. They have good food, and a speaker comes to motivate the boys for the upcoming season. Melodie was in charge of decorating for the banquet so I was recruited to help out. The decorations were so unique that I had to share. This project was actually sort of difficult. Melodie had seen this baseball diamond cut out of grass so she decided she wanted to try it. The idea was great, but I'm not sure how practical...anyways, we tried several times to grow grass send to no avail. So Melodie asked her son (who teaches agriculture) to grow some for us. He integrated it into his classroom as a project for his kiddos. They just poured about an inch of seed into the bottom of an aluminum pan, water it good, and guess what...grass grew with no dirt! Who knew?!?!? It was simple to cut into pieces. We just used a box cutter to cut it into the shapes we needed. Another table decoration was a bunch of baseballs in a large vase. We loved the effect of the reflection of the balls in the mirror. We placed boxes of popped popcorn, Cracker Jacks, and peanuts randomly on the table. The kids loved snacking on all this traditional baseball "junk" prior to dinner.

This is the centerpiece on the coaches' table...peanuts in a vase with a baseball resting on them, a vase of sunflower seeds, popcorn, and Cracker Jacks sitting on a mirror. Another one of our grass creations paired with a ball in a glove. This also sat on the coaches' table.
This was a random centerpiece on the tables. We integrated it with the other ones I have shown. It's so simple...a Ball jar filled with peanuts, and the personal touch...a schedule shaped like a ticket for the season that the parents could take home as a souvenir.

These decorations would be perfect, not only for a baseball banquet, but possibly for a child's birthday party.

-Lindsay (:

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