Sunday, February 19, 2012

Book Page Lamp

The lighting in my sitting room was terrible.  I found a couple solutions online that I could buy, and I was almost sold on this gem from World Market, I just hadn't made it to Murfreesboro to buy it before I found this on pinterest!  I knew I had to make it, but I decided to switch it up & make my lamp with circles instead of hearts.  

The only problem was that I didn't have a large circle punch.  Lindsay let me borrow hers but it was only 1.5 inch & the circles weren't the size I wanted.  Saturday, hubs surprised me by taking me to Hobby Lobby (then to Red Lobster)!  While we were there I found this 2in circle punch that I decided to go ahead & purchase.  (The project would have been cheaper but I did splurge on the punch!)  

I used a book that I bought on clearance, but never could get into.  I tore out about 100 pages & was able to get 6 circles per page.

Then, I stacked 2 circles & started sewing them together.  I left about 8-10 inches of thread on the end to make it easier to tie them to the lamp ring.  (Be sure to do this.  I had a couple that were short & they were really hard to tie!)  I found the the lamp shade ring at Goodwill a couple weeks ago for 50 cents!  

I sewed the majority of my circles in 3 different lengths, 5,7 & 9.  I didn't really want them too long.  I don't really remember how many I sewed.  I started out with 6 of each & that only went about half way around the ring.  Then I just sewed until it was full!  I did make more of the 7's  than the rest.

Once I went all the way around the main ring, I sewed a cou4ple 13 circle lengths & tied them to the center ring, so they would hang lower than the outside.  

Then, hubs ran to Lowes & bought a hanging lamp kit.  It took a little work to make it fit my antique ring, but he made it all fit.  It would have been easier to attach the fixture BEFORE tying on all the circles.  I think he was afraid to tear them since they are made of paper.  

After we hung it, I went through & fold the circles to give it some texture.   It's a perfect addition to my sitting room.  I love that I used the book pages & hung it next to my book shelf!

Overall cost:  $25.50
[$11 for the circle punch, $.50 for the ring, $14 for the light, book was free]
It's about the same as the World Market lamp, but I think I like this one a little bit more!


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