Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DIY Rustic Frames

I made these rustic picture frames completely form scratch. First, I took a large board and had Karen's husband, Ryan, cut them into 8x8 sections for us. (Karen has made some of these too.) Then, I painted a coat of paint on them. For the one below, I painted white, and then painted blue haphazardly all over it. This gives it a rustic the paint has been rubbed off of it.
The one below show the first coat on the black and white ones.
Then, I give each one a cutesy touch...the one below I painted the word "love" in mustard yellow.

Then, I bought acrylic sheets at JoAnn's and used nails to hold them in. I chose nails because they give it a rustic look and serve the purpose of holding the acrylic sheet on the board.

On the one below, I added a burlap bow.

Last, I drilled a hole, and attached a wooden dowel so that it can sit on a tabletop.

Here's the finished product. Everyone who has seen these loves them, and they are super easy to make!

- Lindsay (:

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