Saturday, February 4, 2012

i heart barnwood

Who doesn't love, love, love them some barnwood? Well, I found a loft door in a pile of junk wood outside of my barn the other day, and I immediately got super excited. In my mind, I was thinking, "Oh what can I do with that?" I had originally thought that I might hang it on the wall, and hang my book page wreath over it. Well, I tried that, and the wreath covered up so much of the loft door that I thought it would be a waste to cover up that good wood like that. SOOOOO...

I painted...

I chose the vintage white acrylic paint that Miranda, Karen, and myself are OBSESSED with, to say the least, and a mustard yellow. And, yes, I free-handed the script, but it is by no means my best handwriting. Seems I got a little bit of painting anxiety because I was afraid I would mess up the door. In fact, I did mess up TWICE, but luckily Karen had informed me a while back, that if you catch it fast enough, you can wipe off acrylic paint with a damp cloth. So I did..thanks Karen! (: And this is what I came up with...What do ya think?

I put it on top of the shelves in my craft room (please don't look, it's super messy right now).

And this is what it turned out like...

I absolutely love how you see the seams in the wood in the heart.

And I paired it with the perfect accessory...a vintage ice cream maker given to me by my grandma. Perfection!

- Lindsay (:


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  1. Looks great! I have several of those, but they are still on the barn. HA!