Thursday, February 9, 2012

i LOVE Monograms!

After looking through tons of pallet inspirations on Pinterest, I FINALLY decided on what to paint on my large mantel pallet!!!  I used this for inspiration.   I'm a huge fan of monogram stuff, but I was just a little worried that I had too much stuff around the house.  Apparently, it's a little in my head, because I only found 2 F's around the house used for decoration... and neither were in my sitting room.  So I decided on monogram. 

Next, I had to find the perfect F.  Did you know that when you google for images of F you get a lot of pictures of airplanes?  I narrowed it down by searching F Monogram & this was the 3rd option:

It was perfect!  I sketched it first on some printer paper a couple times to make sure I could do it.  Then using my 18in ruler as a guide, I started painting (in Vintage White) & it came out like this:

I added the est. 2005 in the bottom corner for our anniversary.  It goes great with my Valentines decor :)


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