Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Journey to an Organized Craft Room Begins...

While I was in my craft room last night working on a project, I decided that although my craft room looks semi-organized, it really isn't organized by type of item or purpose of item. I DO have a place for everything, but it isn't necessarily organized in a manner that makes things easy to find. And might I note, that I think I've rearranged this room and reorganized hundreds of times, but I get frustrated and just throw it all back in the closet. I've decided to slow down this time (no need to hurry perfection, right?) and actually get it like I want it. Also, my boyfriend, Justin, will be graduating from Southern Illinois Univeristy in May (I am soooooo excited BTW), and he will need a place to put his printer, office supplies, etc. So, yes, I am going to have to share my craft room (*sigh*), but it's totally worth it to have him FINALLY home!
So anyways, I decided, I REALLY need to organize my craft supplies...not just make it look organized. I am going to detail my craft room transformation here so that you guys can follow along in my organization process.


I wanted to make sure I had pictures of what it looked like before the transformation. Hopefully, you will be able to see a noticeable change.
This is a picture of the closet in my craft room (I'm super embarassed to even show you this!).
I hope you'll join me as I transform my crafty space into super organized!

UPDATE!!!! - June 15, 2012


Well...Finally got the craft room organized the way that I want it.  Check out additional pictures at my full post here.

- Lindsay (:

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