Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Antiqued Window Table

Of all the projects I have ever completed, this is probably the one that I am most excited to super fabulous, gorgeous window table.

A few weeks ago, Miranda, Karen, and I went picking at a local antique store...let me give some props to the Old Feed Store in Woodbury, TN. They hooked us up with a TON of old windows super cheap...we're talking $5 a piece...yep, I said SUPER cheap!

I knew when we purchased the windows that one of my projects was going to be a table of some sort using the window and the tabletop. Before I could begin my build, Karen, her husband, Ryan, and I went to Lowes to check out our options for legs on our tables. We chose some pieces that are actually stair ballisters. I also picked up some L-Brackets to attach the legs to the window. After attaching my legs, I decided that it needed extra was a bit wobbly. So my lovely boyfriend, Justin (who has tagged himself as my carpenter for my crafts) cut some 1 inch pieces of scrap wood we had lying around the barn to use as supports for my table. He also cut off my legs to make them shorter because they were WAY long after I attached them. Thanks're the best! (: After the table was fully assembled, then it was time for paint. I chose a shade called Cotton Linen. It's not exactly white, not exactly off-white...but somewhere in between. This is what it looked like after my first coat of paint.

After 4 coats of paint, and letting it dry completely, I began the distressing process. First, I used a sanding block with medium grit sandpaper to rough up edges and spots that would naturally get worn.

Then, my new favorite product, the glaze. I had my paint guy at Potter's Ace Hardware also in Woodbury, TN, tint this glaze to a chocolate brown. I was going for the dirty look. I also picked up some T-shirt rags while I was there because they were small, thin, and lint-free, perfect for applying the glaze. It was really simple to use. Apply a VERY small amount to your rag. Then, wipe on and immediately wipe off. You can play with how much or how little you put on depending on how "dirty" you want it to look. I didn't want mine to look too dirty, so I used a very small amount.

I came out perfectly antiqued after all my sanding and "dirtying". (:

And now for the big reveal....I think I'm in L-O-V-E!!!

-Lindsay (:


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  1. Great idea for the windows! I just picked up a window at Habitat for Humanity Restore for a mere $5! (Yes, you read that correctly!). I may return and pickup another one for a table like this! Thanks for the idea!