Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Window Table to my Heart

So I keep falling in love projects using old windows... All the articles I read said that the Habitat for Humanity Restore had tons of them so I was greatly disappointed when I went and all my local store had was newer windows. This made me sad because I have always had good luck at my local store finding items for other projects. Slightly discouraged but determined to fulfill my window obsession I started searching the internet for ideas of where else I could get old paned windows. I found several on craigslist but then I got the call. Lindsay had struck window gold at a local antique store! We bought pretty much every window they had so this will probably be the first of many window projects you see from us. My next big decision was what project should I do first. I decided if you going to do something might as well go big! My first project (insert drum roll here)....a window table. Not just any window table, oh no, ladies and gentlemen, a DIY shadowbox window table using barn wood for the display box. Feel free to applaud now. I started with the window pictured above on the right and the some barn wood from my father in laws barn which is pictured above on the left.

1. Frame made of pallet wood

2. Bottom of table made from barn wood

Next, I used wood from an old pallet to create a frame for my table. I used the window to measure out my frame and then cut the excess wood and nailed the frame together with my handy dandy nail gun. I measured and cut the barn wood. I nailed the three middle pieces to the frame leaving a space one each side for the legs of the table. I used patio post that I bought from my local hardware store for the legs of my table. I looked at some actual table legs but ultimately decided to go with these partly because of the cost. Once in place I used my nail gun to nail every leg thru both sides of my frame for extra stability which in my house is a must.

I then cut the holes in my last two pieces of barn wood and nailed them into place. Using a saw I cut the patio post to the appropriate length for my table and used a hinge to attach my window to the frame. I used a hinge so I have the ability to place objects in the box for display. I was left with a beautiful table ready for painting The finished product before painting is picture above on the right. I was so excited about this I had to take a break to send a picture of the table to everyone I have ever met. After calming myself down from the excitement, I painted the table antique white leaving the barn wood as is. At first I had the intention of painting a second coat with a blue color but now I am kinda in love with the white. Since I only did one coat of the antique white you can still see the peeling of the old paint around the panes giving it a vintage feel. I am still debating on the second coat in a different color so you may see updated pictures if I change my mind. I am also debating whether or not to paint the barn wood you can see on the outside of the table. I figure I will look at it for a few days and then make a final decision. I also definitely plan to add a handle to the outside of the window. Now time for the big reveal. Below are several pictures of the final products. I feel like I say this about every project but I REALLY think this is my favorite personal project (at least until I do another). I would like to give a big thanks to my better half for all the help he provided with the power tools and to my baby, Madi, for helping paint. Happy picking!

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