Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wonderful Wall Art

Today, I want to share two previous projects that I have completed. The first is very simple. It's a picture collage wall. I had the large collage frame already, and purchased the other three frames as a set on the day after Thanksgiving 2011 at Walmart. The red and blue metal birds were purchased at Hobby Lobby (half off as always) for $5 a piece. I think it makes a cute collection. The next project was a work in progress. It started out with canvases covered in fabric hanging in a grouping on the wall. I thought that was too plain and too simple. So...I got this mantle that used to be over my parent's fireplace. They took the fireplace out years ago so the mantle had been sitting in storage for awhile. I had been eyeing it and had intentions upon using it for decor in my craft room. When I brought it home, it was too long for the wall I had planned for it in my craft room. So after some thought, I decided to hang it over the TV in my livingroom to give a place to sit knick-knacks (because I didn't have a place to do that before the mantle). I hung the mantle (all by myself...finding studs and all to put the screws in). Then I began the decorating process...aka the fun part! I knew I wanted to use the fabric-covered canvases on the mantle, so I hung some and just sat some on the mantle in a layered fashion. Next, I began accessorizing. I got the black and white damask vase at a boutique in Woodbury, TN for a steal. Then, I added the white milk glass candleholders and vases, and some of my favorite picture frame. The white picture frame on the left side I actually made. You can find the tutorial for this project here.

- Lindsay (:

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