Monday, April 2, 2012

My very Hunger Games Birthday Party!

I have a confession....  I'm planned & threw my own themed party for my 29th Birthday!!!  I have a wonderful group of girlfriends & I love planning parties.  It's a win win!

I've been in LOVE with the Hunger Games series since I first picked them up last year.  I've now read all 3 books twice.  Since the movie came out the same weekend of my birthday... the theme was a given!  Unfortunately, we were going on out of town that weekend, so the party was postponed a week, but definitely still on!

Pinterest is amazing for party planning!!!  Here's my inspiration board.

I really didn't get super crafty with the party.  I had all these big ideas, but ran out of time.  I printed a map of Panem & a couple quotes & assembled them in frames at the end of my kitchen counter.  I did cut out a stencil & paint the mockingjay....

Hubs loves working with copper & he made this tree a couple months ago.  I knew it'd be perfect to display my party favors.  I ordered everyone Hunger Games themed necklaces & bracelets.  

The tablescape:  I used a neutral floral tablecloth & layered it with burlap to add texture.  Then I added pine cones & pillar candles wrapped in jute string.  Everything was served in metal, wood & pottery.

The Food:  Salad, "Groosling" Bites, Mocking Jay sugar cookies, Girl on Fire cake, "Nightlock" berries, and Chicken Pesto Pasta (no shown).

Here's a closer look at a sad looking & broken Mocking Jay Cookie!  

Tara made the cake, but I decorated it with cookies for logs & fruit rollups for the fire!  

Here's my lovely group :)

After the party, Sherry & I (right & left) went to see movie... again!!!  And yes, just as awesome the 2nd time!!!

Check out this awesome gift from Tara:

I can't wait to try out some crazy recipes!!!


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