Friday, May 18, 2012

All-Sports Banquet

As I have mentioned before, Miranda & I work for Huff & Puff Trucking.  (Find our FB page here.)  If you'll remember, back in the winter, we helped decorate for the baseball kickoff banquet.  Find that post here.  So, Melodie volunteered to help decorate for the All-Sports Banquet that took place last night at our local high school.  I wanted to share with you some of the table decorations that we used, because I thought that there were some very unique ideas that would be great for a banquet or even a child's birthday party.  Since there are so many different centerpieces, I'm just going to give a brief description in the caption to keep this post from becoming super overwhelming.

Round Mirror (Hobby Lobby), Square vase (Hobby Lobby) filled with rubber soccer balls (Party City),
whistles, ceramic soccer ball (Hobby Lobby)
Glass candle holder filled with spanish moss, golf balls, and golf tees.  
Finished off with a spike plant.
Old candy tin spray painted white.  Baseball details painted with a paint pen.
Wheat grass planted inside with old baseball in center.
Square vase (Hobby Lobby), filled with rubber soccer balls (Party City), water, and plant on top.
Baseball glove with plant inside.
Round mirror (Hobby Lobby), Square Bowl (Hobby Lobby) filled with sunflower seeds and topped with a baseball, old softball cut open with flower planted inside, round jar (Hobby Lobby) filled with peanuts.
Soccer ball cut open with Gerber daisy planted inside.
Glove filled with peanuts.  Round jar with peanuts and popcorn on the bottom and baseballs on top.
Square twist jar filled with maroon and gold glass rocks, topped with a football.
Cleats with ferns planted inside.
Large Ball jar (Hobby Lobby), maroon and gold glass rocks on bottom, football inside.
Note:  To get the football inside the jar, we deflated it, put it into the jar, and inflated it again.
Rectangular jar (Hobby Lobby) with plant inside, fish bowl (Hobby Lobby) with golf balls and golf tees inside.
Basketball cut open, and Gerber daisy planted inside.  Old net around ball.
Wheat grass planted in large round flower pot bottom.  Football is cut in half and laid inside.
Large round vase (Hobby Lobby) filled with rubber basketballs (Party City) and a basketball net.
Wheat grass planted in large round flower pot bottom.  Baseball glove and ball laid on top.
Football helmet with ivy planted inside.
Football helmet with ornamental grass planted inside.
Large round jar (Hobby Lobby) filled with tennis balls.
Large square jar (Hobby Lobby) filled with rubber baseballs (Party City), water, and plant on top.
Plant with pom-poms and letterman's jacket letters.
For the student-athletes table, we put baskets of snacks that one might find at sporting events like sunflower seeds, Cokes, Cracker Jacks, Double Bubble gum, and peanuts.

- Lindsay (:

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