Saturday, May 19, 2012

Burlap Storage Box Tutorial

This idea saved me money on storage totes for my craft room, and offered much cuter storage than store bought ones.  I used empty copy paper boxes.  I like these boxes because they are sturdy and durable.

I decided to cover it with burlap...simply because I'm literally obsessed with burlap right now.  And it is durable and a neutral color, so it'd go with just about anything.

I will give you a word of advice, when covering the box, I used a hot glue gun, but MAKE SURE that you put it on the LOW HEAT setting.  I burned my fingers a few times when I put the glue on the box, and then pressed it down, it seeped through the holes in the burlap and it didn't feel very good on my poor hands!

Basically, you just cover the box like you are wrapping a present.

I trimmed the edges after I had glued them down, so that I would make sure that I had enough.

And, this is how they turned out.

- Lindsay (:

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  1. DIY application provide me very good idea to make burlap storage box. Looks really very nice while you representing it. I really like your idea and so much appreciated.

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  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. They were super easy to make!