Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gettin' Crafty with my Cricut

So........a couple of nights ago, I got crafty with my Cricut.  I had been putting off several labeling projects throughout my house, cause I didn't want to drrraaaagggggg out the 'ole Cricut.  Why am I complaining?  I should be happy that I have one to drrraaaaaagggggg out! 

My first project was completing my puppy, Ollie's, bed.  I used an old galvanized tub, and put a big cushy dog bed in it.  I then used the cricut to cut out "Ollie" in black vinyl.

My next project was to label the dog food container in the utility room.  I made this out of an old popcorn container.  You know, one of those ugly ones that you get for Christmas.  All I did was paint it yellow, and it perfect for keeping "little puppies who like to rip dog food bags open" OUT!!!

The next two projects were in my craft room.  Several months ago, I made these boxes to store miscellaneous crafting items in.  All I did was cover old copy paper boxes in burlap.  You can find the tutorial for the burlap boxes here.  For the tag, I used the an outline of a tag on the Cricut cartridge, stuck it on a tag, and labeled what was in there.

And last, I labeled all these storage boxes with the craft supplies they contained.  I used a black vinyl and a white paint pen to give it the look of chalkboard tags, but the words won't rub off.  (I've made chalkboard tags before and have had a problem with the lettering rubbing off over time). 

-Lindsay (:


  1. I love the labels you made. What type of vinyl did you use? Did you use the ones for the Cricut, or did you use contact paper or something?

  2. I actually used the Silhouette brand. Here's the link from where I ordered it.