Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Picker Dreams is a Reality

I promised a post this morning detailing our first dealer work night and getting set up in our new booth at the Old Feed Store & Antique Mall in Woodbury, TN.  For those of you who missed my post yesterday, "Picker Dreams" officially has a booth at the Old Feed Store.  We are very excited to start our adventure!  Saturday is the Spring Fling so they had a dealer work night last night.  This worked out great for us because we were able to move some stuff into our booth.
Our first task was to move the shelves around.  We had originally thought that we would do an
L-Shape in the back of the booth, but after moving the first shelf to the back, we decided to leave the other one where it was.  Pictured below is the finished arrangement.  I think it will look very open and homey when we get it filled! 
Pictured below is the only wall in our booth.  Mike (the owner) said we could paint it, but we liked the bright colors contrasted with black, so I think we'll leave it alone for now.

Here Miranda is putting our first screw in the pegboard so we can hang stuff.

Now for the fun part, I get to show you guys some of our inventory.  Pictured below is a window coat rack made by Karen.  This is priced at $25.  This would look great in a mudroom or a bathroom to hang towels.

This is a large barn wood sign, hand-painted by Miranda.  This sign is priced at $15.

On the shelf below is a hand-painted barnwood sign made by Miranda.  This particular sign is $12.  The red barn wood picture frame is made by Karen and is $15.

Next, is another barn wood sign hand-painted by Miranda.  This one is smaller so it is priced at an awesome $10.  The book page wreath was also made by Miranda and is priced at $35.

On the shelf below is Karen's large "Love" barn wood sign.  She has this item priced at $25.

Karen and I began a large furniture project rather than my finishing up some of my smaller projects, so unfortunately, I have not taken anything yet.  I will have some items in there first thing Saturday morning though.  Make sure you come check us out at the Old Feed Store & Antique Mall in Woodbury, TN.

- Lindsay (:

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