Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Latest Sign for Sweet Tea Bakery

This latest sign was made especially for Erica Colter, owner of Sweet Tea Bakery, in Manchester, TN.  She makes the most fabulous cakes and cupcakes.  Her husband, Keith, ordered a personalized sign for her for Mother's Day.  He wanted a cupcake painted on the sign.  I was freaking out because I can paint lettering all day long, but to paint something else is beyond my capabilities.

So...I came up with an alternative idea to get the cupcake on the sign, and to get me out of having to paint it.  I used burlap for the cupcake liner, and small squares of fabric balled up to make the look of icing. 

When, I attached it to the sign and sent Keith a picture of it, he requested I add a cherry on top of the cupcake.  I found a red button that was perfect and used a piece of jute string for the stem.

Here is how the sign turned out...

If you are local, and ever in need of cakes or cupcakes, check out Erica's Sweet Tea Bakery Facebook page for more information.  You will not be disappointed!

- Lindsay (:

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