Thursday, May 10, 2012

Updated Spring Mantle

I decided last week that my mantle needed an update for spring.  I knew that I wanted to use a window (since I'm obsessed with those right now), but that's about all I knew.  I put the window up there by itself, and it was just too plain, so I decided to put some old feed sack material behind it to give the mantle some color.  Red and yellow tend to be dominant colors in my house, so I decided to go with this fabric.

It was super easy...I just stapled the fabric onto the back of the window.

It turned out looking like this...cute right?!?!?

I decided to set it in the middle of the mantle so it could be the focal point.  I played around with the accessories surrounding it, until I finally found something I was happy with.  But I thought it still needed something.  That's when I robbed the burlap wreath off of my shutter and placed it on the window...but I still thought it needed something, so I added a black bow, which I really think pops!

- Lindsay (:

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